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Hello! My name is Kameron Berget and I am the Principal Consultant at The IT Factor Consulting. Which is a fancy way of saying, I am an independent contractor and I started my own business. I am an entrepreneur/architect/developer focusing on Microsoft SharePoint and Cloud Technologies. I am an active member of the SharePoint community and frequently speak at local SharePoint events. I have been working with SharePoint for 10 years and I can bring a wide range of skills to your team.

Kameron Berget
Principal Consultant

As an independent consultant, I am passionate about bringing value to you and your team that you cannot get anywhere else. I approach every challenge and every project as if I were on your team. I strive to create relationships that build trust to deliver dynamic and unique solutions.

There are literally hundreds of consultants in this arena of work. The reason my business is called the IT Factor is because I believe I bring the ‘IT’ Factor to your team. I grew up in the Microsoft stack and over the years have transitioned from a Systems/Network Admin into a SharePoint Architect/Developer. My experience has given me a unique set of skills that spans some of your more traditional IT roles. With my experience and wide set of skills, I can immediately bring value to your project.

I pride myself on efficiency. If I must do something more than once, I immediately look at how I can harvest that information, process or skill to use it the next time I need it. That efficiency and catalog of knowledge is the first major asset I bring to the table.  Having worked with hundreds of unique organizations in the past, I almost certainly have seen similar challenges to the ones you are facing.

Next, I am engaged with you as a customer like a 5-star employee would be with his/her employer. I don’t think of myself as a consultant, but more of an employee. I have skin in the game and your challenges are my challenges. Your bottom line is my bottom line and my passion and drive allow me to find and build solutions more efficiently than anyone else.

I can’t always do this myself. I have a network of like-minded consultants and professionals that I frequently engage for my projects. When the need arises, I bring talent to the table that ensures only one result, SUCCESS!


I am 32 years old, married with four kids (2 boys and 2 girls), a dog and live in the west metro of Minneapolis/St.Paul (Twin Cities). I was born and raised in MN but spent 6 years living in Fargo, ND where I got my start at a small consulting firm. I am an ENFP and I love solving complex problems and would love to put my gifts to work for you! 

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