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SharePoint Deployment

SharePoint is deep and wide! Deploying SharePoint to any environment can be a daunting task. Let us help you ensure that your SharePoint farm is not only deployed following industry standards but that it is a repeatable process. 

SharePoint Architecture

SharePoint brings a lot to the table from a features and functionality perspective. Knowing how all of theses features work and how they work together is key. A well thought outArchitecture is similar to building a house. You want to make sure the foundation is built to handle the house you are putting on top of it.  We help you determine how you will use SharePoint and help invoke some forward thinking that not only allows the solution to be more versatile, but it allows it to be dynamic and prevent future redesign or changes.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint development has done a 180 over the past 10 years. We went from developing and deploying server-side solutions to staying off the server and using client side web frameworks to build our solutions. The future is bright for SharePoint customization and we can help you navigate the ever-changing development atmosphere. ITFC provides a custom SharePoint Deployment Framework that allows you to hit the ground running when it comes to Client-Side development.

  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

  • .Net Solutions

  • SharePoint Add-Ins

  • Web Application Integration

  • Script and Remote Event receivers

  • PowerShell Scripts

SharePoint Migration

SharePoint migration is a necessary evil of an ever changing platform. We have partnered with Share-Gate to ensure that your migration goes smoothly with limited to 0 downtime. An added bonus, if you we handle your migration you get the ShareGate tool free! ($3500+ value).

Identity Management

With hybrid environments and cross-firewall collaboration on the rise, our old school NTLM identity management strategies no longer fit the bill. We need to use new technology that allows for SSO into multiple services, integration with our existing identity platforms, all while maintaining a level of iron-clad security that we can trust and rely on.

  • ADFS, Web Application Proxy

  • MFA

  • Azure AD/Premium/Okta/Ping/Auth0

Business Analysis & Process Improvement

The primary reason for any SharePoint environment is to bring added value to your business. We have worked with many different verticals such as Law Firms, Insurance Providers, Cloud Providers and they all have unique business needs. Now, you have this great tool called SharePoint and you are wondering how it will help your existing processes. That is where we can help. We have a deep understanding of all of the SharePoint features and we can help pair that to your business need. Whether it is a simple workflow, a custom app or a site strategy, we can help you deliver a product that adds value to your business. We pride ourselves on bringing the IT FACTOR by applying unique solutions to your business challenges.

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